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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 18, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> it is a new form of price discrimination. >> an online shopping danger. the four ways you can fight back. >> this will be closed. >> and then i am going to go -- >> revealing look. american idol contestants that could be hard to forget on season number 10. >> rain for the next two days. storm on the way. when it could arrive and how much snow in the sky watch forecast. >> when it comes o slippery roads, why pittsburg eats baltimore again. >> clouds and ice, melting. >> non-stop comedy. why it is more about the quantity of jokes than quality. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> good evening, i am jennifer gillert. %-breaking news at this hour. less than one hour ago, cityy3 police officer was shot, in a downtown parking garage. >> that garage is right near police headquarters. jeff abell is there live with what happened. jeff, what can you tell us? >> that's right. we are right here, right behind the city police headquarters. where a few moments ago, all of this went down in a private parking garage just right behind police headquarters. we have some video to show you from a few moments ago. we're told that a plain-clothhd undercover police officer was inside of the garage, when he was shot, in the leg. he was apparently in the garage, where many officers park their private vehicles. the suspect, at this time, pollce officers are not sure whether he was still in the garage, or he fled out of the @%rage. ambulance is taading by here t the scene. and there is an all-out search,
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at this time, for thh very gunman, who is wanted at this hour for shooting the baltimore city undercover officer. again, an officer is shot inside of a parking garage, behind the police headquarters. ww will have much more as details warrant. i am jeff abell live in downtown baltimore. backkto you.3 >> all right. jeff thank you. we have another crew at shock trauma tonight. checking on the condition of th@ officer who was shot. we will have a live report to you shortly. >> now, tonight, the shooting3 comes as the police department is saying farewell to the plain-clothed officer killed in a shooting earlier this month. william tor bit was an eight year veteran of the force. today loved ones gather at the wwley funeral home ii randallstown for the viewing. he was shot to deathhoutside of a downtown nightclub breaking up a fight. civilian also died in the gun fire. >> officer tor bit's funeral is held at the cathedral of mary our queen on north charles it starts at 11:00 a.m.. and in a note to drivers.
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charles street will be closeddto ttaffic it between homeland aad northern parkkay. from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. with detours in effect. >> meantime an attorney for one of the surviving victims of the police involved shooting outside the fbi to get involved.wants crime and justice reporter joy lepola finds out why. >> outside of a baltimore city nightclub, 41 shots are fired. six peopll are struck. two fatally. >> this is a horrific event. and an unusual event. you know, two people dead. one a police officer. 41, you know, bullets shot by theepolice. number of unarmed citizens also struck by police bullets. you know, people want answers. >> attorney michael pullver represents one of the women hit outside of the lounge. >> shot in the head. luckily it did not kill her. or leave her with any brain
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%-so she is grateful to be aliv. >> for him there are concerns surrounding the fact that police are conducting the investigation. >> it will not have credible. >> last week mayor stephanie rawlings-blake called for an independent agency, to review the investigation, once it concludes. >> i want to ensure confidence myself, as well as give %-baltimore, that we are shinnig a light on this incident. and we are doing it for a couple of reasons. one, because we want to know exactly what happened. two, we want to make sure that we learn from this incident. we need to change our procedure. we are going o do that. >> i think, more is needed. under these circumstances. >> pullver would like the fbi to be nvolved. and whoever invvstigates lawsuits are likely. >> if, as a result of their errors, you know, sean gamble is dead. my client shot in the head. others wounded. you know, officer is killed.
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because of errors on behalf of the police department, then obviously we will represent our client and ask that they be fairly and fully compensated for that. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> meantime tonight. fbi said that it does not plan to investigate. >> now back to our breakinggnews story at the top of the hour. a plain clothes officer shot in a parking garage downtown. that officer was rushed to shook trauma immediately. keith daniels is standing by live at shock trauma. keith, what do you know about the officer's condition at this ttme? >>well, jeff we know few details at this hour. ambulance arrived here not too long ago. and so did a police spokesman. he is inside now gathering the details. including whether or not, in fact, this officer was in plain clothes. again, we don't know the condition of the officer. usually in a situation like this, when an officer is shot. police commissioner bealefield, anddthe mayor, will come here to the hospital. we're told the commissioner, is3
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inside now, with the officer and his family. we have not seen the mayor. again a police spokesman is inside to gather the details as to exactly what happened at that shooting and, of course, get the condition of the officer. again, we know very little about his coodition. but we do know he was conscious, after he was shot. because we heard him talking quite frankly on our police radios. so we do know, again, that he was conscious, talking. giving pplice officers@ directions to where the shooting had occurred. good note. the fact that he was conscious. of course when weellarn more details here, we will bring it to you. for now, that's all we know. here at shock trauua. back to you in the studio. >> new details following rape allegations involving a child mentor. the department of social services in baltimore city has removed its children from be more youth services. non-profit's chief executive 15-year-old. week of raping a
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who was being mentored at the time. records show together las hicks bay received a salary of over $140,000 last year. as head of the organization. >> the family of an unarmed man shot to death by an off duty baltimore poliie officer last summer, has filed a $270 million wrongful death lawsuit. officer shom bay was accused of shooting brown 12 times, afttr getting in an altercation with him as they left a mount vernon nightclub. lawsuit claims, shom bay was in violation of the protocols that night by carrying his weapoo while intoxicated. shom bay should not have been on the force in the first placee considering prior incidents involving the officcr and other shootings and alcohol. >> so the question becomes, as to why would this officer still on he baltimore city police department? why was he carrying a gun? why does the procedure allow guns to be carried in terms of
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off duty situations, and consumption of alcohol? so we raised a lot of questions. >> the lawsuit names to him bay, as well as commissioner bealefield, the mayor, city council, and the state of maryland. >> more than 1000people remember a murdered las vegas dancer that once lived in this area. candlelight vigil held for debbie narvaez was held at old mill high school in millersville where she graduated. >> we went to homecoming, in 1994, then we went to my prom in %->> so, when you heard about hr death, what went througg your head? >> i couldn't believe it. because i was hopeful the whole time that we would find debbie aliie. >> her ex-boyfriend, jason griffith meantime is accused of killing and dismembering her body and encasing it in connrete. @ >> prayers for a missing teen
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tonight, special service this evening at the new christian bible baptist church for phylicia barnes. the honor roll student from north carolina that went missing in baltimore city last month. as the search continues, her story has gone nationwide. featured on several network newscasts. >> icy conditions this morning, we're keeping road crres busy. and kids celebrating. while many roads were in the clear. the eighborhood streets were coatd with a shiny crunchy coat3 of ice, leading to school closing. joel d. mith shows us why the icy mornings can be the most unpredictable. >> we had some school delays, and closing to pass along to you this morning. >> schools make these decisions early in the morning. after looking at the most dangerous roads in the district. if there is still this much ice it is a no-brainer. >> we have half an inch of snow last night. add it with sleet. >> what about everybody else trying to make ends meet.
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>> sometimes. but if i don't go, i don't get paid. so i am going to try. >> in baltimore county the plows are out early. even hitttng the side streets. main lines are already done. >> a little bit of slush on the side of the road. that's it. >> after drivvng home from work, james perry figured a bus could handle the roads too. >> i was expecting a two-hour delay. i was not expecting closed. but, you know, safety first, right? >> llckily for most of the mmrning this is a situation where it lookk worse than it is. right here it may appear like a clean sheet of ice you could fall o but walk on it, and you sink in. so actuaaly you get a good grip. if you are geeting a good grip on your feet like this, that means the tires have a good chance of grabbing too. >> icy, not as slippery as i was expecting it to be. i teach, so i was thinking i would come out here and it would be a disaster. but it is can crunchy. >> crunchy is good. and so is melting. when tte city trucks keep all of
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that salt coming. by late morning, the streets are nearly clear. but not nearly early enough to avoid another day of continuing closures. >> harford, howard, montgomery county. >> joel . smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and many fox 45 news viewers captured the latest winter blast. >> we have a picture from outside of a home in edmunds village. car covered in ice, and street >> you think you had a rough ride. nothing like this one. pittsburg pennsylvania road turned to pure ice today. look at that. four x four hitting the tree. several vehicles slid down the road. smashing into other vehicles, and trees. this guy is speeding up. check it out. goes right into aatree. and into the back of what looks like a four x four. miraculously. no one was seriously hurt. >> if you see news, or any -ictures from the extreme3 weather we had. see it, shoot it, send it.
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upload them to, and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. or send photos from your chrome to >> hopefully we are done with the ice, for a couple of days. >> here is chief meteorologist vytas reid with the latest sky watch forecast. >> that storm, that gave us that precipitation, freezing %-portionssof up to new england getting precipitation right now from this aree of low pressure. that will move nooth to canada. but that will continue through the ovvrniggt. now, as we zoom down to our neck of the woods. we have rain that is coming in from the westt there is a mix saying -- taking place over the border. we will see that as we go through the overnight. west of frederick. hagerstown. rainnis making the way in. thereecould be a little mixing but, for the most part it will what we are watchinn is the next system affer that. this right here, this next low pressure coming in, out of the plains. is going to continue to drop down over the mid section of the country, and then into the ohio dropping snowffll. and it will be bringing us some
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%-in fact, look at these watches and warnings. and advisories, ssretching from upper mountain west across the upper plains, into the ohio river valley. and then, probably be some advisories, or watches or warnings issued as we get into tomorrow. as this would move in to thursday night and friday. it could be a snow maker. we will watch that. more details coming up in the forecast. >> all right. vytas, thank you. state lawmakers are urged to raise maryland's minimum wage to $10 an hour. as joon rydell reports tonight. not everyone in annapolis is happy about the idea. >> probably made minimum wage at your first job. but there re 320,000 marylanders that still earn the legal minimum. currently $7.25. but the group prooressive maryland, said if you are working 40 hours at minimum wage the numbers do not add up. >> $15,000 just does not make ends meet foo family trying to make it through the tough economic times. >> so progressive maryllnd, and
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a group of state lawmakers, want the general assembly to increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour, for the year 2013. john she didly that owns farms in this county. employs 11 and all make more than minimum wage. >> that makes my work stable more stable. if it is more stable it is more well sprained more valuable to me. >> at least one business owner in annapolis is raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour, or higher, based on the rate of inflaaion. could have a damaging impact. >> arundel ounty delegate ron george also owns a jewelry store in annapolis. >> when you raise the minimum wage like that, ou take less revenue, out of the business's coffers to be able to invest for growth, and for development, to increase business. that meanssless employees when you don't have the revenue. >> supporters say raising the minimum wagg will put more money into the pockets of the middle @% if you work eight hours a
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day, that you, at least, ought to be able to afford to put a roof over your head. you ought to be able to afford some health care. >> senator mouz believes that could accelerate maryland's economic recovery. in annapplis, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. %-last hiked up five years ago. now, we asked you for our question of the day. do you think the minimum wage should be raised? to $10 an hour? 89% ssy yes. one viewer wrote on facebook. i am all to raising it. dannn writes on facebook earliir tonight. no, higher wages means an increase in prices, possibly even unemployment. go to and sound off through facebook. send us a tweet. text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no and your response may air later tonight, at 11:00, on the "late edition". >> your noisyyneighbors could land behind bars, if baltimore city makes a new law. bill before the city council
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would fine property owners up to $1000 for causing a nuisance. violators of the proposed legislation ould be sentenced to 60 days in jail. >> scumbags, own properties, in patterson park and highlandtown, that we go after every single week, you know, that person should go to jail. >> the bill goes before the city council during next monday's meeting. >> i usually shop for electronics, or music equipment. >> online shopping danger, that is perfectly legal. later in tonight's cover story, how you can fight back. >> this health care law, if left in place, will accelerate our country's path for bankruptcy. >> debate begins over a health reform repeal. how far it could get. >> i am laugh ting up for a good cause. coming up. how these comedians intend to break a world record. and how you can heep. @
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>> stephanie raalings-blake is starting her mayoral campaign with $800,000 in the bank. more than half of that came just last week at one fund raiser. other potential challengers include ste senator catherine3 pew, karl stokes, and clerk of court frank conaway. in annapolis, they are making -ast minute preparations for tomorrow's inauguration. more than 1000 people expected to jam the lawyer's mall outside of the statehouse. into the second term. legislators expect the address will again focus on maryland's economy. >> i anticipate no new revenues.
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but at the same time, he is going to emphasize thaa he did nottcut certain things like education, health care. environment. of course, his cuts, in those areas willlhave to be modest. >> the governor will be sworn in senate chamber, and eliver the inaugural address outside. >> maryland senate minority leader, rrpublican senator kittle plan is giving up the leadership post. because he holds moderate views on social issues than most of the fellow republicans. heeis sponsoring a bill to allow civil unions for both same sex and opposite sex couples. senate republicans are expected to choose a ew leader this friday. >> back to work on capitol hill in washington d.c. repealing health care. but what's the progress knowss in the house? >> this health care law, if left in place, will accelerate our country's path toward bankruptcy. >> debate unfolded on the house
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floor. and in a series of news conferences. >> good afternoon. republicans showed off piles of petitions from americans, demanding a repeal. >> in our pledge to america, we said if given the privilege of leading once again, one of the things we would do is to vote in the house of representatives, to repeal obama care. >> meantime democrats showcase personal ssories of people that will be hurt. if a repeal is enacted. >> why we are doing this, other than playing to the vanity of the extremely conservative right wing of the republican party s -eyond me. >> the repeal is expected to sail through the house. but it is not expected to get through the u... senate. and the president said he would veto it anyway. >> the white house press secreeary saii that means that this just is not a serious legislative effort. >> i don't think it is going anywhere. >> look again, i am quoting some of the many members, new members of the house, that have said this is not a serious thing. >> final vote is expected some time in the house tomorrow. >> a legal victory for same-sex
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couples living in the nation's capitol. the u.s. supreme court rejected an appeal from opponents of same sex marriage. they wanted dc residents to have the option of voting on a measure gaining measure between a man and a woman. washington began to issue marriage license phossaae-sex couples last year. >> they are on a mission to break a world record and bring laughter to the state of maryland. tonight, tired and sleepy comedians are swamping jokes at the gamugi joke house in timonium. where melinda roeder is doubled over in laughter. and she is live -- no you are standing up. there to explain. >> world record for continuous %-they are tryyng to break it by lunch time thursday. they are already about 30 hours into tteir goal. %-side one special hour of funns for families and clean enough for our cameras. >> you almost never hear this. the laundromat?
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sure, that's over by the starbucks. >> it takes a lot of guts to get up on stage. >> and tell jokes. it is even tougher to joke around with a crowd like this. %-can hear ice meeting. when you >> this is family funny hour. >> what grade are you in? >> at mcgubi comedy club. >> where the jokes are squeaky clean and potty humor?@ >> i look on the bbx of pampers front and back and it says nothing about single use. >> is, well, just that. >> in big letters on the front, it said "good for 17 to 25 pounds." >> nnt all the comics are that clean. >> my style tends to be hard edged. i couldd't do a lot of my material for your camera right nnw. >> some jokes are not that3 funny. >> this pothole must have its own name. >> to break this record. >> guinness does not require it to be good.
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>> they have to keep it coming. >> i promise you if you come out, you will have a good time. >> good time for a good cause. >> our goal is $20,000. we want to raise $20,000 for special olympics. >> for the club owner this quest is personal. >> i have a son that is autistic. up comedy. well, i am trying to get naps in. >> right now, kids are the critics. >> my mother used to discipline, i was out. >> but if thh funnys fall flat. >> so eat your vegetable social security what i am trying to say. >> kids have a few clues on how to score jokes. >> now, i can tell you the kids are tough critics. these guys are really funny. this goes on until 11:30 a.m. thursday. round the clock. admission is free. all the proceeds from food and drink sales and all donations will benefit special olympics.
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melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> we're looking at rain coming in to play as we go through the overnight. on the radar here, you an see the storm that left us. the next one on the way, with rain showers, and then the next one after that for the weekend for some snow. show you when that will get here, coming up in the forecast. >> i have become used to it. -o it does notifies phase me. i ignore it.
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>> did you ever do online shopping and halfway through the purchasing process the price changeed in. >> it is actually legal. it is called dynamic pricing. in tonight's cover story, kathleen cairns explores surprising secrets to web shopping. >> spencer greer's band captain jack uses the website to promote its music. and to purchase items band membees need. >> i usually shop for electronics or music equipment. and i find that i can find the best price os line. because of the competition of different retailers. >> he has noticed pop up ads that show up before the3 purchase. >> i have become useddto it so it doesn't faze me much.
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i ignore it. >> product prices can also change in an instant. something the better business bureau wants consumers to know. >> absolutely. it is a new form of price discrimination. >> angie barnett explains. >> the bottom line is, a business is tracking your ssending habits, patterns, interests. what it is that drives you to purchase. >> it ccn be a disadvantage. >> and they may charge a different price or one customer than they will for another. there is discrimination. the discrimination is often times based upon what is called a reservation price. that is, the highest price they figure out you are willing to pay for that item. >> the website will suddenly say one roduct is unavailable. and the more expensive version, is up for grabs. airlines are notorious for using the tactic. just ask nigh jill, a college student. >> i would just check around, and if i find it deeper
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elsewhere, that is typically what i do. >> companies that change their pricing instantly can do so legally. it is considered free enterprise. >> how it appeals to the ethics that it is not fair. there is an element that it is simply not fair. >> it is called dynamic pricing. while it ii legal. laws.say it violates privacy many consumers arr unaware of the personal information they are revealing while surfing the web. >> we shop online without ever clicking at the bottom and looking at the terms and conditions of the privacy %-they clearly disclose they are your habits, as you browse online, going from one went to the other, to see what your interests are. fully disclose most often, who they are going to sell your information to. >> the best adviceefrom the better business bury, delete cookries keys from the browser. surf and shop with one computer@ and purchase the item from
10:31 pm
another computer. have a seearate e-mail account just for purchases. anddwhen you do decide tt purchase. let the item sit in the shopping cart for awhile. it can workkto your advantage. >> they may offer you a discount, free shipping. something like that. >> next time you are using your mouse to shop. remember what you are revealing with each click. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> wow, for more consumer tips while shopping online. direct link to the better business bureau's website. >> obviously there are going to be concerns about security. >> trial for accused killer in arizona, jared loughner may be moved. and we will tell you where and why. >> the every-day activities that could be hurting your heart. coming up in tonight's "word on the web." >> we are looking at rain, that wiil move through, through the
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overnight. and it will stick
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>> really messy start to the day. out. >> well, the fooecast was right on, because it come in as sleet, snow, then turned into the freezing precipitation, icy connitions. and then we had about a tend to quarter inch of icing, depends
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on where you were. >> right on because you did it. stop being humble. you know what i mean? >> actually mother nature worked with us. what we had is temperatures warm up. and that helped to clear the roadways. kind of helped us melt off a bit of that. also it looks like we are going to continue to see rain moving in, with the next system tonight. so right now looking at cloudy@ conditions out there. 36 degrees. our winds are out of the west at three. humidity levels are 96%. -s that moisture builds in. pressure is dropping at 29.75 inches as we can see area of low pressure moving in from the west. almanac page tells the story of the day. topped out at 36. 28 the low this morning. and we did have that precipitation anywhere from about, oh, light precipitation across the area, about inch or less. the snow and sleet. and then we saw little bit of mixing and freezing precipitation come down. making it treacherous. next system is pushing n few flakes possibly mixed n with this. frrezing rain maybe running into pockets of colder ir. but for us, mostly in the form
10:36 pm
of rain. spotty showers overnight. and you can see where it is 31 ddgrees. where you saw the mixing taking place. 35 in d.c..peratures at 36 here. so it will be changing back into rain here. so folks back out west of frederick, hagerstown. may get a llttle freezing precipitation mixed with. that some and sleet rain. but it will change to all rain -ere. now looking at the future scan.3 you can see how it pushes through. for the morning commute. it starts to mmke the way out. we will get maybe a few breaks in the clouds later in the afternoon..3 and as the system pushes off. thursday it looks like e will see sunshine. but thursday night, the next system pushes in from the west. and that will be in the form of some snow. now looking at the future scan. rainfall, expected through the overnight into tomorrow morning. less than a 10th of an inch. light precipitation. but nonetheless, roads could be wet. so drive carrfully on the morning commute. this is a storm that left us yesterday with the icing conditions. and next storm pushing in. and that gives us rainfall. timing this out again, on the bigger picture. you see the him system pushing east. thursday. then as we get into thursday
10:37 pm
night. there is the next system moving across the midwest. %-this will join us thursday nit to friday morning. and friday afternoon. that could be some accumulating snowfall as this system pushes in. looking at the eastern shore. 444tomorrow. -ith shower activity. forrthe central portion of the state. we will see the temperatures at 41 degrees w morning showers. tapering off. maybe breaks in the clouds later in the afternoon. then the western edge of the state. looks like we will see some rain/snow mix. sun breaking through. but upper elevations it looks like they could gee a mixed bag of precipitation overnight tonight to tomorrow morning. for tonight again, 35 degrees. with showers out there. for tomorrow, morning showers. 41 degrees. breaks in the clouds later in the day. five-day forecast. shows 33 thursday with sun and clouds. snow showers begin late thursday night to fridayymorning. and temperatures will be in the mid 30s to lower 30s. we may see a few rain drops mixed in. but accumulating ssowfall. determines how much, is the@ track of the storm.
10:38 pm
but we will have accumulationnas it pushes in. and toward the weekend we clear out. back to you guys. ,3 >> the trial for accused killer jared loughner ay be moved to california. experts say the case will be most likely moved on intense publicity and fair trial reasons. however, the court may side with the victims in this case, saying it would be a hardship to travel from tucson to san diego. >> if the case does come to san diigo. obviously, there are going to be heightened concerns about security. >> also there will be most likkly stricter screening for both the media and the public. >> network news anchor diane sawyer and former white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel, @%o of the 120,000 people that allegedly had their e-mails hacked by andrew orn himeer and dan spitler both in their 20s. face ffderal charges tonight. they faced them in courttin
10:39 pm
newark new jersey earlier today. two found the hole, so-called hole in the apple softwwre. apple ssid that hole has been plugged. >> scientists warn the two very common activities could be injureing your heart. judy kurtz has more in tonight's "word on the web." judy? >> bad news for tt lovers and computer users. spending hours in front of the tv or computer screen could impact your heart. researchers in taiwan studied more than 2000 americans in@ heart disease. participants performed eight minute exercise tests to see how long it took the heart rates to return to normal after a workout. the hearts of people that spent more time in front of their tvs and computers tended to take longer to recover. the same thing happened in folks that didn't exercise much or at -ll. researchers say watching tv or sitting at the compuuer spends less energy than reading, writing, or driving. and it won't take much energy to sign few breaking weather and alerts on your phone with mobile sign up on or
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text wbff to 45203. i am judy kurtt, and that's tonight's "word on the web." >> an american idol sneak peek up next.@ show you the colorf
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>> i am jeff abell in tonight's top story. officers are still searchinggthe area around city police headquarters tonight. for a gunman that shot an undercover city police officer. it all went down about an hour ago. here in the third level of the frederick street parking garage. private garage that sits half a block from city police headquarters. we're told the officer was shot in the leg. right nowness stable condition. the gunman remains on the loose. at this time, officers are searching that parking garage. and the immediate aree around police headquarters, for the gunman. but so far, right now, he is yet to be found. that's the latest from city police headquarters. i am jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> hard to believe but new round -f american idol will premiere wednesday and thursday. candace dold lifts the curtains to give us a glimpse of season 10. >> get ready american idol fans. the competition will return this weekk here is a preview of what you will find during the very interesting audition round. >> ♪ >> the nationwide search for the next american idol is on. of course, that means randy, stephen, jennifer must weed through the often entertaining wannabes. >> american idol has to live it upright. i brought my manager with me. >> i am going to hollywood. mr. gregory. >> this will be close. and then i am going to go hum. and open. >> oh, baby you got to ♪ you
10:45 pm
got to hold me. >> for freshman rocker stephen weird and confused will garner a few odd comments. >> but let us reassure you, there is true talent in season 10. and a lot of egger and entertaining people ready to be the next idol champs. >> i am already famous on facebook. i get farmville requests all the time. >> they will look at me like up %-girl is what this >> randy jaccson has seen it all through the years. and he feels confident about this time around. know, but this is the best talent we have ever had. >> randy is serious. as for this guy. who knows. llts call him mr. transformer as the engines get warm, only time will tell if the wheels spin ou3 of control for him. >> american idol season 10
10:46 pm
premiers tomorrow ann thursday, at 8:00. right here on fox 45. 10:00. >> the ravens' defensive coordinator is on the way out. 3
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>> final look at the seven--ay
10:49 pm
forecast it looks like 41 degrees for tomorrow. we will see some showers overnight through tomorrow morningg then it will taper off. maybe sun in the afternoon. 33 thursday. partly cloudy skies. then thursday night. that system pushes in from the west. we will get snow. moving through central maryland through the parts of the mid-atlantic. so definitely looks like some accumulating snow. that leads us to friday morning to the afternoon. then leaves uu by late afternoon. looking at 34 degrees. by saturday, sunday, monday, clear out. next system comes in on tuesday. back to you guys. >> thank you, ytas. >> ravens lost the defensive coordinator tonight. >> bruce cunningham joining us for "sports unlimited." with greg madison's new job in the current ravens coach they promoteed to fill the void. >> coming up on "sports unlimited." gree madison is going back to a familiar place. but who will rrplaae him? here is a hint he is on the payroll. >> there will likely be more shake ups out at the castle with 17 unrestricted free agents. we will show you that entire list. >> we look back at some of our most recent success stories,


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